7 p.m. migrane

Sometimes the headache starts exactly at 7:00 p.m. each day.
An explosive day

Eventually experience in Bengal turned out to be exprience of being flushed down a shitter but when I had first gone there, I was full of ideas on how I would start a revolution in science from there. There were ideas on new biobatteries, smart cities, artificial intelligence, eco-conservation, brain plasticity, and drug discovery. This work was made the day I landed there and was full of excitement to fight for land of my birth, much before I had concluded India might be land of my birth but not the place for my actions, which has to be free world of North America. Looking back at this work is nostalgic because until this work and few months after this, I had not broken my umblical cord with the old world. I was too tied to my roots to be able to fly. The day was indeed an explosive day, although less eventful than everyday politics in cesspool of rotten shit that some parts of Indian academia offer.
Everyday everyday

Sometimes the headache starts exactly at 7:00 p.m. each day.
Her, putting back clothes
Layer by layer

Some times work of a day adds up to nothing. This cycle can repeat for years until you realize that those nothings have added up to become a large mountain. I gifted this painting to a noted neuroscientist and teacher who was very inspriational during my Ph.D. days in Austin Texas and provided a patient ear to all students.
Learning a new song

It's a new day and new mood, which calls for a new song.
Long walk home

For the same distance our preception of time can become inflated on a really long day.
Micky Mouse turning a bit gray

The smile has started to look a bit clownish and the shadows are now getting larger and confusing. Maybe it is just graying or something else.
My Fat Lisa

When Mona Lisa goes on an expressionist trip.
Remembering bluebonnets

Somehow in the July of 2015, I got reminded of beautiful bluebonnets of Texas, while being in Mohanpur, Bengal. This abstract work captures that memory.
Should I wail at this wall

When the mood is such, anything can precipitate desires, anything can bring tears. It is not always what is outside, sometimes the inner world drives the show.
Some questions

Sometimes a meeting leaves us with more questions than answers. This art captures obsessive return back down the memory lane to one such moment.
Wings or seed?

If you look closely at wing flapping, repeated over several times and structure of a seed, you would find many similarities. Metaphorically, you would find many similar ambitions too.
Light throuigh cracks

There is usually always light, which reaches you from unexpected corners.
Red and white incompleteness

I am not sure if anything can ever be complete but sometimes you can strive for just the right kind of incompletion and completely achieve it.
The paddy field

This was made in 2003, remembering a paddy field near what then used to the edge of Bangalore, near GKVK campus. I had taken a friend's bike to meet another friend who used to live nearby and passed by some paddy fields. I ended up just sitting and observing colors of the paddy field, reaching the destination few hours later than scheduled time. Fortunately my friend was still getting out his bed on a lazy Sunday morning and did not notice me being so late. I still remember the colors and the feel from that paddy field. This work got lost during travel from Bangalore to Texas.
The wall of screams

This was made in 2005, after an emotional break-up from a rather brief affair. Looking back: interesting times that gave rise to an interesting painting and not much more but at that time it felt that I can build walls around me with screams.

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