Dr. Khurana was contacted by various moviemakers to make a movie about his art. Dr. Khurana suggested the idea to make a movie about how people in India respond to paintings in an exhibiton. The painting exhibition is called "From creative destruction to destructive creation" while the name of the movie will be "What's the fuss about Sukant Khurana's art?". A team of moviemakers would be recording people's reaction to his art and interviewing all who are interested. They would also focus on people's interaction with the artist. Do people respond more to signature or art or both? What is the role of a gallery? They are making a movie and looking for more and more people to join in the making of the movie. From 20th to 24th of April, Dr. Khurana's art-work, which usually ranges from creative destruction of one layer hiding the previous layers and the process being central, all the way to destructive creation, in which each layer is washed immediately after creation, leaving only a small contribution to overall art, would all be on display in Delhi. The themes would be fake-smiles, circling while, and breaking free, an autobiographical journey, where each day of the exhibition, different art-works would be put up. The venue is Cafe de art, G-14, Marina Arcade, Connaught Place, Outer Circle. New Delhi 110001.

This is just a beginning. Dr. Khurana would be working on the next series on people's response to work on neurological disorders and alcoholism. Following that, Dr. Khurana will be working on paintings that get revealed only after a transient top layer is washed away but the patron does not get to see the actual painting until he or she takes it home. This social experiment would address the role of signature in art. Dr. Khurana is also working on making a movie about making a movie about alcohol addiction. Dr. Khurana recently talked about these experiments in his TEDx DTU 2017 talk too. He has several team members for it but he is always looking for more members to join the team. Contact Dr. Khurana if you are interested and if you simply want to be interviewed by his team, then just show up. Help spread the word.

Date: 20th to 24th of April (for movie and exhibition)
25th to 30th April (for exhibition only).
Venue: Café de Art, G-14, Marina Arcade, Connaught Place, Outer Circle. New Delhi 110001
Note: All works in this exhibition are for sale. If interested, you can directly contact Dr. Khurana or any of the crew.

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