Sukant Khurana is an artist, scientist, writer, and futurist.

Sukant was trained in cellular  neurophysiology and computational neuroscience in Austin Texas, then after Ph.D., just few meters away from   doctoral lab, worked on learning, memory, and alcoholism. He then explored how to use artificial intelligence in neuroscience and drug discovery in    Long Island. Following few accidents, he landed in India, where despite a horrible academic climate, filled with ideological politicking, he innovated    in several areas of science and technology, including neuroscience. His mother, who passed away due to depression, which was made worse by     repeated attacks on Sukant for his anti-corruption work, has strengthened his resolve to make this world a better place. Among other things, Sukant integrates art with science and technology to achieve his goals.

He has been an artist from much before he was a scientist, with minor accolades coming from competitions but the real ones coming from his  mother refusing to throw away a three year old’s scribbles, encouraging “born talent” of her firstborn.

This page primarily explores intersection of neuroscience and art of Sukant.